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Zanagoria - Insight Modulation (Vinyl)

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Amazing electronics from the Italian sound library scene – a record that's far darker and much more moody than other Italian albums of the time – often with complicated tones and elements that rival more important modern electronic composers! Most of the work is relatively spare, and served up in an analogue style that rivals the best BBC Radiophonic material – although here, the passages are even longer, and have a bigger conception overall – with less of the feel that these tunes are supposed to be random experiments or sound effects. The material echoes plenty of Pierre Henry, or some of the Dutch electronic experiments too – and titles include "Su 60 Impulsi I", "Jazz Modulation", "Mono-Tone", "Diorama E Recitativo", and "Condensazioni I"

Originally released on the Gemelli label in 1972, this ultra rare Italian library gem has remained unearthed practically since its original release, being only known in hardcore collectors circles.
The amazing electronic sounds in the grooves of this first ever vinyl reissue will carry you to a world of experimental sounds ruled under the laws of Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan, Ron Geesin, Gill Melle or the Forbidden Planet OST by Louis & Bebe Barron. Little is known on who was behind the project. It is said to be a studio project by organist and composer Giorgio Carnini, who also recorded other material for Gemelli. Electro-acoustic soundscapes featuring treated voices and sound fx and dark jazzy grooves. It is featured on page 73 of Johnny Trunk's excellent book “The Music Library”.

"Coming right at you from the best period in library music history, Insight Modulation packs a heavy punch of awesome experimental noise, jazz and abstract sounds." (Jonny Trunk)