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The Bevis Frond – Any Gas Faster

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Originally released in 1990 ‘Any Gas Faster’ on Reckless Records, the album features fellow Room 13 musician Martin Crowley on drums and with Nick on everything else. Replacing his trademark epic guitar workouts in favour of more song-orientated psychedelic rock.

“The fourth ‘proper’ Bevis Frond album and the first to be recorded in a ‘proper’ studio’… the title came from an advert I wrote for industrial gas when I was a trainee copywriter at an ad agency” Nick Saloman, Hastings 2016

The ‘Any Gas Faster’ reissue includes bonus recordings from one of The Bevis Frond’s first gigs as a band recorded in Copenhagen supporting The Hothouse Flowers – these tracks are taken from EP ‘Ear Song’. Also included are tracks from ‘Acid Jam’