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Spindrift - Songs From The Ancient Age (Whiskey and Blood Vinyl)

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SPINDRIFT'S SONGS FROM THE ANCIENT AGE covers the bands move from East Coast to West Coast (Delaware to LA) between the years of '99 - 2004. It marks a transference of styles from psychedelic pop. electro funk, and space rock to garage rock and spooky ethereal experimentation captured a la "Adavan/Diazepam", then adds in the staple "Red Reflection" which signifies the crossroads to their now big echoey Western twang of a sound. It's quite evident a lot of traveling was being done at the turn of the century as almost every song was recorded between Coasts at one time or another. The oldest tracks "Inhuman Behavior" and "Behind the Church" were written in 2000 and recorded in Wilmington DE right before Kirpatrick and crew left to become inspired by the western frontier in 2001. "Diamonds" and "Want Me" were recorded in Las Vegas on Kirpatrick's 4-track cassette recorder while the band was to/fro working with original drummer Z. Miles Masterson. Dean Carter classic "Midnight Sun" was recorded whilst Kirpatrick and bass player Joe Baluta "Party Chango" did an East Coast tour with the original lineup at Joe Castro's studio in Newark, DE. Key player Jay Caddle lent a hand as well as their new infamous LA guitarist Bobby Bones on slide guitar. Realistically, at the time of these recordings the future of the band was pretty uncertain until Kirpatrick began collaborating with members of The Brian Jonestown Massacre to eventually form the soundtrack to the Spaghetti Western homage "The Legend of God's Gun", released in 2008 on Teepee Records. Still, the band was gigging back and forth from Delaware and NYC to LA where they had the opportunity to support Sky Saxon's SEEDS which became an obvious inspiration. Dexy Valentine (Magic Wands) performed live with the band as well as adding vocals on "Red Reflection" and "Some Velvet Morning". These tracks were recorded on 4 track cassette while the vocals were added in the studio with Dennis Moody.