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Rollerskate Skinny - Shoulder Voices (Red Vinyl)

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Medical Records is very proud to present the long overdue reissue of “Shoulder Voices”, the seminal 1993 debut LP released by Rollerskate Skinny. Originally released on Placebo Records, (a subsidiary of Beggars Banquet), it has been long out of print and rare to find on vinyl format. Rollerskate Skinny, formed in Dublin by Ken Griffin, Jimi Shields, Ger Griffin and Stephen Murray in early 1992, released two 10” vinyl only EP’s, “Novice” and “Trophy”, prior to the release of Shoulder Voices. Novice was included in NME’s Top Ten New Band releases for 1992 while Trophy received Single of Week in the NME. The band’s name was taken from The Catcher In The Rye ("She's quite skinny, like me, but nice skinny, roller-skate skinny."). The album, co-produced by Guy Fixsen (Laika), received many accolades upon release including (CMJ Magazine Album of the Month). The band toured with many great bands of the time including Pavement, the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev. Hard to characterize, Shoulder Voices is a true masterpiece, featuring elements of severely catchy pop, heavily distorted guitar and keyboard sounds, weird experimental passages and other unclassifiable styles. Over the years, and with revived interest in the early 90’s sound, this record is becoming increasingly popular with a new cult following, joining the legions of fans who were obsessed with it the first time round. The opening track “Miss Leader” is typical of the journey the record takes; it starts off with a jangly pop sensibility before a wall of guitars tears the sweet mood apart. “Violence To Violence”, one of the albums most striking tracks, explodes with jagged guitar hooks while alternating noisy and ethereal passages share space, evenly, with super catchy melodies and lyrics. This reissue will certainly appeal to fans of the experimental pop era that was the early 90s. Features a bonus insert containing interview with Jimi Shields and Rollerskate Skinny retrospective written by Sean Kirkpatrick. Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight red vinyl.