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Rob Mazurek & Emmett Kelly - Alien Flower Sutra (Vinyl)

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An emotive collection of future folk ballads framed by an animate palette of electronic treatments.

Composed and Arranged by Rob Mazurek (OLHO, ASCAP)
Lyrics by Emmett Kelly (thecairogang, BMI)

Rob Mazurek - Electronic Treatments, Modular Synths, Cornet
Emmett Kelly - Voice, Guitar
Thomas Rohrer - Rabeca (on Blackout)
Guilherme Granado - Synth, Sampler, Electronics (on Bright Nights Havoc)
Carlos Issa - Guitar and Electronics (on Bright Nights Havoc)
Brittany Mazurek - Voice (on Embryo Genesis)

Produced by Rob Mazurek
Mastered by Helge Sten
Additional Editing by David Allen