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Originally released in 1980 on EMI France, the OGI LP (OH-JEE-EYE) is the work of Hungarian-born Peter Ogi (pronounced as “ohgee”). Peter Ogi obtained formal education in music composition at the Budapest Music Academy and quickly thereafter formed the very early Hungarian punk outfit, the Spions. Though never documented on tape, the Spions were considered very important in the Hungarian music scene. In the late 1970s, Peter began traveling back and forth between Paris and London where he worked together with legendary producer of the Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren. Their collaboration was integral to the creation of the OGI LP. It was recorded in Autumn 1980 at Pathé Marconi Studios, Boulogne. The album was composed by Peter Ogi with lyrics written by Malcolm McLaren on over half of the tracks. Unfortunately, the record was criminally overlooked most likely due to it’s French-only release. It is now being reintroduced for the first time in over 30 years. The LP is a phenomenal creation of synthesized pop. The album’s opener “King Kong’s Fear” creates the mood with minimal synth leanings and unusual hooks that set the stage for an adventurous slide down the synthesized rabbit-hole. The 2nd cut “Resist Dance” was also a 7” single and is a standout track of infectious catchiness. “She, Wolf, Woof!” is a very interesting anddramatic piece that is obviously different from contemporary synthpop from the era. The namesake track, “O.G.I.” is a tempo-shifting cabaret-style ditty that warns you “The OGI is watching you!”. This record is a totally original bombastic work of synthpop art created by a uniquely talented artist. Since this record, Peter Ogi has been active in a wide spectrum of styles and genres, but the OGI LP remains his sole opus of synth art-punk. For fans and devotees of early Fad Gadget, Daniel Miller, Malcolm McLaren sole efforts, and new wave of the minimal varieties. Transferred from the original analog tapes from the vaults of EMI France. Officially licensed from EMI and features re-envisioned front and back cover art. This reissue is over one year in the making and is lovingly presented on high-quality 180gm magenta vinyl in a hand-numbered limited edition of 650 copies.