Lilys - The 3 Way (Vinyl)

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  • First ever LP release of this ‘99 mod rockish masterpiece!
  • Matte black poly-lined sleeves in a high gloss jacket featuring the original art.
  • Mastered for vinyl by Joe Lizzi and cut and pressed at Third Man in Detroit.

Fuzzed-Out Guitars & Harpsichord

A dapper departure from Lilys’ noise and shoegaze beginnings, The 3 Way is a panoply of musical influences that renders vintage 1960s mod rock and buttoned-up orchestral pop through the abstract expressionism of Kurt Heasley and company. On LP for the first time!

“Although some critics accuse him of stealing Ray Davies' identity outright, Heasley has forged his own multifaceted re-tailoring of '60s mod- rock. And sure, Davies' influence looms large over songs like the harpsichord- laced 'And One (on One)' and 'The Spirits Merchant.' And on 'The Generator,' there's some nice piano work worthy of Charlie Brown's ivory- tickling pal Schroeder, and some cheeky 'Oye Como Va,' guitar quotes. To round things out, there's a nod to Mitch Ryder's revved- up Motor City car- rock on 'Dimes Make Dollars,' and the bubbly Lawrence Welk jazz of 'Solar is Here.'" - Michael Sandlin (from his 8.6 on Pitchfork)

“As sharp and instantly likable as the Lilys' new The 3 Way is, it doesn't really start to make sense until you think of it as the '60s-pop-influenced equivalent of a funk record.” - Keith Phipps (AV Club)

At the end of the rock ‘n’ roll century, The 3 Way quietly streaked across the night sky in stylistic retrograde. Lilys’ bittersweet mod-rock symphony would burn out band members and get buried by its record label, leaving trace memories of Kurt Heasley’s brilliant and complicated vision. Until now. Based in our own selfish desires this treasure gets its first ever vinyl release!