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Harmony Rockets - Lachesis / Clotho / Atropos

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Harmony Rockets with Special Guest Peter Walker - Lachesis / Clotho / Atropos - Composed of three sisters-Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos-the Fates were a trinity of goddesses. They were the personifications of man's life and destiny. These three immortals decided man's fate as a singular force: his life, lifespan and death. Consequently, they were in control of the past, the present and the future. They were not only feared and respected by mortals-they were also in control of the fates of the gods. Harmony Rockets create music that's even more experimental than the recordings they released under their more famous name. They put out acclaimed (and deeply trippy) LPs and EPs in the '90s; now, they return with guests Nels Cline, Steve Shelley and Martin Keith on this new collaboration (three extended pieces) with guitarist Peter Walker, best known for his '60s Vanguard recordings, later Tompkins Square LPs and a much-talked-about live album on Jack White's Third Man Records. A highly anticipated adventure in sound! Tompkins Square.