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Firefriend - Sulfur (Pink Vinyl)

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Firefriend is a rock band in one of the largest, dirtiest and most violent cities in the world, São Paulo.

Yury Hermuche had a guitar and some songs but not a band, Julia Grassetti wanted to play in a loud band, both were daily imprisoned in different offices of the same huge gangster corporation. They walked through the dark and noisy underground where the experimental music boils the city viscera, finding on their way the most different types, rogues of all kinds, desperate people, thugs, crazy artists, vagabonds, rich junkies, drunken employees, and also musicians, many, with whom they played and drifted this scene, at some point crossing paths with a very peculiar drummer, C.Amaral, who soon joined the group - not just because he also shares the addiction in music, damned writers and unknown bands, but mostly because his beats were the final piece needed to build this tri-headed beast.

SULFUR, their new album, compresses into 7 songs all the tensions of a rock band that has been on the road for 12 years, surviving big wounds and small coups, those that destroy countries or bank accounts. We are all in the midst of a technological, cultural and political revolution so intense and fast that it takes music to cross that fire. Money and violence can not hold this wave for too long - the universal orgasm knows no heaven, no hell, no kings, no borders!