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Following a string of smash hit singles, electrifying television appearances, and countless nights spent driving fans wild in sold out arenas across the globe, COZY is ready to unveil the fruit of their labor, Button by Button. By now all of Cozy’s singles are regarded as timeless classics by teenagers worldwide, but as thrilling as those 45's are, they merely hint at the full blown denim majesty Cozy have unleashed on Button by Button. This is the cutting edge of the teenage sound! From the rousing opening chords of the title track, to the glitter maelstrom of the closing number "Sidepiping," Cozy have produced a danceable, full-length masterpiece of unadulterated teen pop perfection! Countless bands have been influenced by Cozy over the years—including such chart busters as Slade, Angel, and the Bay City Rollers—but none have been able to duplicate the pulse-pounding excitement Cozy produces with each and every record they release! Now YOU can find out why COZY MANIA is spreading across the globe like wildfire, by purchasing THE record of the year, THE next multi-platinum sensation, THE undisputed masterpiece of teenage pop that is Button by Button. First pressing of 550 copies on black vinyl, includes mega poster and mega download.