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The Dictators - The Next Big Thing EP

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It’s been 40 years since Andy “Adny” Shernoff, Scott “Top Ten” Kempner, Ross “The Boss” Friedman a.k.a. FUNichello, Stu Boy King, and Handsome Dick Manitoba released the Dictators’ debut Go Girl Crazy! album and created the loud, fast, and rude template that thousands of punk bands to come slavishly followed. And now the boys are ready to celebrate their anniversary with a little help from a very special friend. Long-time fan, professional party animal and metal/punk singer-songwriter-producer Andrew W.K. took the original album session tapes to three of the songs and, as he puts it ever so modestly, “remixed, over-produced and totally ruined reimagined” them to create sonically stunning brand new versions of “The Next Big Thing,” “Two Tub Man,” and “Weekend” for this Black Friday exclusive release! But that’s only half the treasure that awaits Dictators fans on this 10” EP, which comes on beautiful opaque red vinyl; in the course of reviewing the tapes for this project, Sony Legacy A&R Producer Timothy J. Smith also located a reel of unreleased session outtakes including a completely previously unknown recording that never made it to the album, “BackseatBoogie,” alongwithanalternatetakeof “The Next Big Thing” and an instrumental take of “Weekend.” Back cover and label artwork boasting previously unseen photo contact sheets complete the package. LIMITED EDITION OF 2500 AND THEY ARE GOING TO GO (GIRL) CRAZY FAST!

This is only the beginning of our 40th Anniversary celebration of The Dictators’ Go Girl Crazy album. In early December, we will be releasing on CD THE DICTATORS GO GIRL CRAZY!—40th Anniversary Remastered & Expanded Edition, which will include, for the first time since its original release on CD in the ‘90s, a newly remastered version of the Go Girl Crazy album plus nine bonus tracks! And among those bonus tracks will be five more newly discovered, previously unreleased Go Girl Crazy outtakes plus two of the outtakes that premiered on the Next Big Thing EP and two of that release’s Andrew W.K. remixes. Please note: Andrew W.K.’s remix of “The Next Big Thing” and the instrumental outtake of “Weekend” will now and forever remain exclusive to the Black Friday release!

The Dictators Go Girl Crazy! is an absolutely seminal proto-punk album, the key link between early-‘70s outfits like the Stooges and New York Dolls and groups like The Dictators The Ramones and Damned that came later in the decade. Real Gone Music is proud to celebrate the album’s 40th anniversary with The Dictators and Andrew W.K.!

Side A

Remixed, over-produced and totally ruined reimagined by Andrew W.K.!

1. TheNextBigThing(ExclusivetoBlackFridayRelease) 2. TwoTubMan

3. Weekend

Side B

Previously Unreleased Go Girl Crazy Session Outtakes

1. Backseat Boogie (Take 1)
2. The Next Big Thing (Alt. Take – Take 1)

3. Weekend (Instrumental – Take 3) (Exclusive to Black Friday Release