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Spectrum - Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows

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First time reissue on any format of the
1994 album by Spectrum. Spectrum is the
project of Sonic Boom (ex-Spacemen 3 as well as
Experimental Audio Research) and collaborators
(technically his 3rd album but the 2nd under the name
Spectrum). Carrying on the signature sound exemplified on
“Soul Kiss (Glide Divine),” “Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows”
lulls the listener into a deep trance with its droning and
hypnotic tracks and treated vocals, on top of a myriad of
analog synths and Sonic’s recognizable guitar treatments.
The first track “Undo the Taboo” sets the stage for a
meditative ride that doesn’t let up until the last track.
Absolutely crucial and long awaited reissue.