Can - Soon Over Babaluna (Vinyl LP)

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Can Soon Over Babaluna on LP

Out of Print for Over 30 Years

Can was founded in 1968 by Irmin Schmidt, Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli and Jaki Liebezeit - who formed a group which would utilize and transcend all boundaries of ethnic, electronic experimental and modern classical music. Throughout the changing eras of the band, they enlisted the talents of different powerful singers like Malcom Mooney and Damo Suzuki and collaborators such as Reebob Kwaku and Rosko Gee.

Can’s wide-reaching influence has never diminished, and their indelible mark is apparent in subsequent acts who freely acknowledge their importance – from Portishead, James Murphy, New Order, Factory Floor, Public Image Ltd, Mogwai, Kanye West and Radiohead to John Lydon, The Fall, Ariel Pink, Fuck Buttons, Sonic Youth, Factory Floor and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Originally issued in 1974, sixth album Soon Over Babaluma represented the end of an era for Can as not only was it their first without a lead vocalist, but it would also be the last the band would record straight onto 2-track. With the departure of what was their second vocalist Kenji "Damo" Suzuki, Can again perseveres in style with guitarist Michael Karoli and keyboardist Irmin Schmidt sharing vocal duties on the dreamy and atmospheric 5-song set. Includes the standout cuts "Chain Reaction" and "Quantum Physics" which seamlessly fold into one another to close out the album.

Can Soon Over Babaluma Track Listing:

1.  Dizzy Dizzy
2.  Come Sta, La Luna
3.  Splash
4.  Chain Reaction
5.  Quantum Physics