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"There’s a secret world of stylish glam pop music most people will never encounter, the stuff dreams are made of, and with very limited access to outsiders. Modern execution is barely ever fruitful in this realm, yet there are still a few droplets of liquified genius that seep out of the cracks from time to time, and VELVETEEN RABBIT (ex-members of THE JEANIES) have that special something in spades. A sparkling debut so glaring in its brilliance and pomp, it’s almost reaching levels of absurdity, but yet always remains tactfully cognizant. Building on the flashy and addictive 7” single they released last year, Velveteen Rabbit lay down a dizzying array of ten tracks of incredible variance, nudging slick-production head-first into the underworld of sleaze pop. From futuristic flanged-out, funked-up Prince-style stompers conquering self-fragility, to misty-eyed, blue-eyed soul-smashers, it’s more than just a reason to wear crushed velour, it’s a whole flavor of glam rock all to itself. Bridging their genre-bending game fully across the gamut, Velveteen Rabbit still understands and utilizes the best nuances of late 60s-early 70s pioneering pop forces to great effect, yet doesn’t manage to put too many irons in the fire at once. But one thing is for certain, this band is moving fast and already into the void of what’s next around the corner, but they certainly won’t leave you in an unaltered state. Everything about the silky production, the breathy vocals straddling that swilrling, skull-expanding guitar around every corner just works so well, you’ll wonder how you even existed before it came into your life."—VictimofTime.com