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Various Artists - Planisphere

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Static filled signals emanating deep from inside the walls of Laurel Canyon, bouncing off clusters of incipient late century technology, are pulled through the twisted rabbit ears of a Chevy Astro Van. Planisphere. The equivocal sound of hippies fresh from their back-to-land sojourns shuttling drum machines through heartworn aspirations, as if the music section of the Whole Earth Catalog came to life. Let out from astronomy class with an arm full of Brain and Sky label releases, these 9 nomads scribble plein air narrations over a landscape turning its back on the sun. Bask in the reverberations of our celestial home sweet home. Our Planisphere, for those within the 30-40 degree zone, will provide you with a fairly discernible chart for discovering both deep-sky objects and telluric emotional pulses.

Jack Adkins American Sunset
Rick Cuevas The Birds
Dereck Higgins Dream Music
Roc Mangini Starlight
Cobalt Harmonic Love
Cracky Coming Home Again
Circus Underwater The Surface Of The Water
Jim Van Buskirk Just One More Drink
Alan Purvey Chased By Shadows