About Us

We are Round Trip Records!

Weird story... A few years ago we (David and Paul) decided to start selling used records at record shows!

We would sell what records and cds and cassettes we had collected in our basements and closets and living rooms and then--- go to other peoples' houses and garages and buy WAY more.

We carried them to hotels ballrooms in boxes and crates, on our backs, with our arms, in cars and on carts and even sometimes on a bike (Paul).

Record shows are fun and you meet great people from everywhere! 

Terrific! We started getting regular customers wanting specific USED records and unusual NEW records. 

We thought lets open a little store and...well we did get a  lease and license and shelves and then CORONA virus came.

So until the brick and mortar store opens up we decided to set up this online store!

Thanks for shopping!